Monday, March 15, 2010

Question of the Week

How did you manage hip pain while pregnant? I've read lots of advice about pillows, my bed is full of them, there is almost not room for Garrett anymore! It's kind of unwieldy turning over with all the pillows, but they do help. I've also been taking lots of warm baths. Any other suggestions from those who have gone before?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The baby bump grows

I can't believe I'm already reaching the 30 week mark! I don't know if this is a special time in the schedule of things for pregnant women in the US, but here in Ukraine it is a benchmark which calls for lots of test! Next week I get to have a whole new blood panel done where they will test for everything under the sun along with a wonderful urine analysis, a KTG, another EGK, a visit with a General Practitioner, an ultrasound (the 5th one so far), a meeting with an obstetrician, and a routine meeting with my prenatal doctor. All in all it adds up to about 3 hours of appointments and tests!! But I'm not complaining they certainly like to have a handle on things!

Unfortunately the blog won't allow me up load pictures (not sure what the point of a blog is if you can't upload pictures?!?!) argh...
So I posted some new pictures on facebook.