Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Library Days

One of Logan's favorite days is Library Day!  I absolutely love that he is so in love with books.  Whenever it is raining or even just cloudy he says, "Mom, when Noah gets up from his nap let's go to the library!"  So we go and pick out new books, play with the trains and trucks and puzzles, clean up the toys and get a sticker.  Then the whole way home the boys look at books and as soon as we get home Logan dumps all the books out on the floor and sits down in the middle of them to look at them all over again.  Noah mostly eats the books, but he loves to look at the pictures as well.  He prefers looking at the paper books because he likes the feel of the pages.  So far this has not been a problem - no ripped pages yet.  My very favorite part of having books all over the house is when Logan sits down and reads the books to Noah.  I LOVE it!  I unfortunately don't have very many good pictures of these book times, but I'm sure you can picture them in your mind!

* A note about the video ~ Before I actually shot the video Logan was reading the book out loud.  Of course as soon as I managed to get the video rolling he stopped...