Friday, December 17, 2010

A World of Firsts

Logan has had many firsts in this past week. His first time flying was a smashing success! Despite only sleeping for 45 minutes the entire 10 hour flight he was a happy guy the entire way. God certainly spared us and the passengers around us from a very long 10 hours! Logan's first time in car seat was another success! He slept almost the entire way home from the airport. After a few rocky days he seems to be settling into riding confined! Logan's first time in nursery at church was another success! Yeah! I am thankful that he seems to be ok with being passed from one person to another, at least for the time being! His first time meeting his grandparents another success! The first time my dad held him, Logan laid his head on Dad's chest and sighed like he was happy to finally be home! So cute! He has really enjoyed being at Garrett's parents, the constant attention from Grandma and Grandpa constantly brings smiles to his face. Yesterday Logan met Mommom, my grandmother. It was a great experience all around. In the past 3 weeks Logan has gotten 3 teeth! He's been a real trooper through the whole ordeal, but I think we are both looking forward to a little reprieve from this new development! OUCH! Logan's favorite first was driving the car!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Going Home

This is how Logan feels about his first ever transatlantic flight...