Friday, April 25, 2008

Philadelphia Conference of Reformed Theology

PCRT, a time when the "frozen chosen" get together and study a theme in God's word; some would say exhaustively, others wish there were more time to look a little closer. I won't tell you which camp I (Kristen) am in.
This is my 3rd time at PCRT and I am looking forward to learning more fully of Christ's blood shed for me. PCRT is definitely one of those "mountain top" experiences that I cling to when I descend back into daily life. It's too easy to lose the thrill of the gospel. So I pray that I will know Christ in the power of his resurrection not just when surrounded by those of like mind, being lifted up and exhorted together to serve our King, but also when in my own corner of the world.

I am sure Garrett will have much more to say about the conference when he posts next time, so stay tuned!

Climbing the mountain, Kristen

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