Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pictures From Living in Grace

Some pictures of a waterfall near Ridge Haven

This rope-swing was tons of fun during our free time!

Getting to know some other MTW missionaries one evening


Briana Almengor said...

gorgeous pictures. It was great getting to chat w/ you when we were home for Mother's Day! Praying for you. Can I link your blog on my blog? give ya a little "press" (not that my blog gets all that much "press", but an audience you may not otherwise meet). :)

LiBassi Family said...

It was a good time, eh? btw, I love y'alls profile picture...wherever you are, you look COLD.

Garrett & Kristen Clemmer said...

Bri, Sure go ahead!
Yeah that picture was taken in Kiev in January. Definitely not the warmest place on earth.

Barbaranne said...

What great photos! I wonder if Kate is going to attempt the rope swing this week- she arrived there yesterday!