Monday, August 25, 2008

Ukraine and the Russian-Georgian Conflict

I thought I would recommend a few articles on the recent Russian-Georgian War in the Caucasus. Obviously since this took place near Ukraine I have been pretty interested in it's developments. In many ways this conflict involves Ukraine as the article by Victor Yushchenko (The current president of Ukraine) discusses.

Article #1 is by George Freidman and gives some good historical background to this conflict as well as analysis from an American foreign policy perspective.

Article #2 is by Olga Ivanovna. She is a Russian student studying here in the States and claims that the American press has been biased and has not told the entire story.

Article #3 is the one by Victor Yushchenko in today's Washington Post. In it he talks about how this affects Ukraine.

Just so you are aware all three articles paint different pictures and reflect different views of what is happening. But I think there is something to be learned and some truth in all 3 articles.

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