Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hello, Kristen here! I have not had the privilege of posting on here in quite some time and have lately been pondering on life changes.
I've read numerous books that should change my life, but only recently have I realized that this has not happened. Well, lasting change has not occurred anyway. I've started reading Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Scazzero. In the first chapter he says, and I loosely quote, "be prepared for a radical reformation in your life." This makes me excited! Ready to read the book, ready to make changes, ready to be a new person living expressly to serve my Savior. But I must admit I've felt this before to no avail. What will make the difference? Turning my life over to Jesus. Reading it prayfully, reading it humbly, reading it realistically; knowing it is not in my strength that change can be effected. I invite you to join me on this journey of radical life reformation and I ask you to ask me how it's going!

On the journey!

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