Thursday, November 20, 2008

Negative Calvinists

Ben Witherington posts on John Piper's explanation of why so many Calvinists are so negative [towards others with different convictions]. They are both very thoughtful on why this happens. This is something I've thought alot about with a friend from Grove City and on my own. Witherington says:
"...we should be placing our faith in God, not in a particular theological system. There is a difference. In the former case the faith is largely placed in whom we know and whom we have encountered. In the latter case the faith can be too often placed in what we believe we know about God and theological truth."

I think he is right and this is a temptation. It's tempting to have faith in what I know about God and do for him, rather than in him and being with him. That doesn't mean I don't have theological convictions but it does mean that I know my limits and my being. I'm a sinner whom God has saved and is in the process of sanctifying. Of course I need to know things about God to know him, but there is a thin line between trusting in God and trusting in my correct convictions about God.

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Briana Almengor said...

Very good..very humble and true. God alone saves!