Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time Moves On

It is so hard to believe we have already been Stateside for a month! We are finally getting to settle down a little bit and think about where we've been and where we are going. Sometimes the Lord works in subtle ways and other times not so much! Our decision to come back to the States was the Spirit's gentle leading over the course of well probably the entire time we were in Ukraine. This was a subtle work, helping us slowly to see we weren't needed in that spot anymore. Not to say the work in Ukraine is done, but the work we had set out to do is well on it's way, and we are no longer needed. Our ability to settle down a little bit has been not quite such a subtle movement. Garrett slipped on some wet stairs and fell on his back, breaking his right shoulder blade. After the first flurry of doctor's visits and insurance company calls we have settled into a routine in which we are home a lot together. It is WONDERFUL! (minus the sling on Garrett's right arm and his inability to use his right arm, of course!) While this was definitely not the way we had planned to spend the next month and half, it has certainly given us some down time to begin to debrief our life in Ukraine. And while we are often tempted to grumble or becoming anxious about how we will get through this time, we are comforted and made joyful when we remember that our God is sovereign. As my mom always likes to say, "There is no Plan B." Every step of they way is covered with the Lord's faithfulness to his children. He sees our needs and he is faithful to provide, as we have seen so abundantly. We have a car that is paid for, we have a home to live in that is warm and full of love, we have food to eat and insurance to cover our many medical bills! What more can one ask for!?! Logan continues to be the joy of our lives and we are so thankful to be able to share him and his ready smile with all around us!

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