Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Photos from Kyiv

I thought I would post some photos from our vision trip to Kyiv last year.

An English club with some Ukrainian students. It was fun!

Lots of snow! This was the view from an apartment in Kyiv.


Katrusya said...

O moyo slovo!!! could you have chosen worse picture? people will think shto something is wrong with people v Ukraina! =)))

Garrett Clemmer said...

Yeah, they will say, "whoa, look at that girl kneeling in the red striped sweater. She is so weird!!"

katrusya said...

uhuh! and that shady "man in black" guy in the back row with an expression on his face: svyataya korova! what am i doing here?!? am i sentenced to spend 2 years of my life with these freaks!? =))