Monday, March 16, 2009

God's goodness

Yesterday was a testimony of God's goodness.  I awoke to a gray sky and more snow.  Unfortunately it's not as pretty since we've had enough warm weather that the snow doesn't stick to the ground anymore.  The 10 minute walk to church was cold and nasty, but the greeting at the door as we ducked in out of the rain/snow was so heart warming and full of love the gray weather was soon forgotten.  The music of the praise band warming up coupled with the smiling faces greeting us with words we are finally coming to understand made me laugh.  Waiting for the service to start I looked around and my heart filled with the sense of God's goodness.  Bringing his children together to sing his praise around the world.  This feeling was completed when we spoke to our home church on Skype later in the day.  I am so thankful for God's mercy and goodness to me in allowing me to see something of what the Church as a whole, across the world looks like.  What an awesome God we serve! 

In Christ,


Sharon Maiolie said...

Hey Guys,
It was great to "see" you yesterday. Thanks for posting your adventures for us. It helps me to know how to pray!

Garrett and Kristen Clemmer said...

Thanks for keeping up with us!

ColoradoColumbine said...

I often wonder how it can be snowing in Kiev and we get rain or even sunshine. Hope our sunshine heads your way today! (We've had maybe one inch of snow this year here in Kherson and that's it. Not good. Rain, but no snow. How very, very unusual)