Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Russian on the mind

Recently I've been thinking about some of the struggles I've been facing since being here in Kiev. Things like not being able to understand someone when they ask you a question or say something to you. For the first few weeks it's ok but it's starting to get more frustrating. Every now and then I have little breakthroughs where I actually understand that someone is asking me if I am getting off at the next bus stop or if I had a good time at mafia night last evening. Now if only I could respond with more than a few words!! 

I've also found that I've been alot more quiet since coming here, especially in groups because I can't really say all that much in Russian. I'm really thankful for Kristen and for English club on Tuesday nights! I want to be able to enter into people's lives here and get to know them. I want to be able to understand jokes and not be the only only not laughing after a joke or anecdote is told. It's shocking how the lack of that social ability really makes you feel so lonely. I wish to be able to understand why people here do certain things or don't do certain things. I want to be able to discuss scripture with people. I want to understand their questions about God and be able to engage them. 

All this is to say that I earnestly desire to learn Russian. And learn it well. Keep us in your prayers as we study and learn here in Kiev. 

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