Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Odds and Ends

Yesterday officially began our two weeks without hot water for the summer. They need to clean the hot water pipes in our region of the city, but we still have cold water which is good! We're also hosting a girl on Saturday night who is coming through Kiev on her way back home from a vision trip in L'viv. Besides that, Life is becoming normal here in Kiev.

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Julie said...

Hey Garrett and Kristin! I am hearing so much about L'Viv these days. I met a couple at First Pres. in Ipswich who are on their way there soon...Vitaliy and Marissa Voytenko. It was so exciting to hear the story of God's calling in His life from an evangelistic meeting he went to just wanting to learn English to other continued contacts with Christians, and how he came to Boston to complete his Masters and met his wife and whom now both are both returning to Ukraine as missionaries. Their blog is

Kathryn is married! We had a lovely weekend seeing so many good friends!

Love you!