Friday, May 8, 2009

V-E Day and the Aviation Museum

So, today we got the chance to go with some friends to this aviation museum near our flat. Two of our friends work there as aircraft mechanics so we got to learn all about Russian planes! Over here they celebrate V-E Day tomorrow instead of today and we hear there might be an airshow going down tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers crossed...

Russian built Tu-95 "Bear" is a strategic long-range bomber. Big, cool, and 15,000 lbs of thrust in each engine

Anastra "Antrasal" Reconnaissance Aircraft built in 1917-18 in Odessa

They even had a re-enactment with the Soviet soldiers defeating the Fascists!


Be-12 Anti-sub amphibious Soviet Aircraft. Very cool and built in Ukraine

Everyone who went with the engines of an IL-18 behind us

Outside the entrance to the museum

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