Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Stuff

So I've been thinking that now is the time for action. At 21/22 weeks I still have the ability to travel easily and comfortably, so I thought I should get out there and scout out all of the options for baby. Then I thought hmmm... maybe I should create some kind of master list of necessities before I just go out and look. So then I thought I should ask those who have gone before me what have been some of the things that have "saved you" in bringing up your own baby. What are some things you would suggest any first time mom have to make life a little easier? I've gotten some great feedback from my sisters and friends; boppy pillow, thermometer, humidifier, "booger sucker", finger nail clippers, receiving blankets. Do you have any suggestions? What made life easier for you after baby arrived?


Briana Almengor said...

It is seriously bulky, butI always think, "exersaucer" when new mommas ask this question. That said, I had twins first, and I needed a place to contain two at once. I think, though,that even with one, you will love the freedom it provides to you to get things done (like going to the bathroom) and knowing that your baby is safe. They can't go into them until around 4 months, so it's not something you need right away, but worth it when you and baby are ready.

For newbies: alcohol swabs (rather than using a cotton ball and bottle of alcohol) for rubbing the belly button gunk that you have to do like twice a day or something when they're first born. Don't know if you can get that over there, but if you can, it saves some time.

After you have taken some time to just sit and stare at your baby and bond, it's nice to have a book to read while nursing. My nursing experience was so horrifically painful w/ the boys that reading "Pioneer Women" was incredibly helpful and redemptive for me to read about these women who suffered much more severely than I was at the moment and pressed on in the midst of it.

If you end up witha spitter, you simply cannot have enough onesies, burp cloths and towels b/c there's a lot of cleaning up you'll do all day long. That and bibs...lots of them. If they're not spitters (there I go again...speaking like you're having more than's just 2nd nature for me; I forget)...the bibs will help when he teeths b/c some babies slobber all day long all over the place. The boys were big slobberers.

A good diaper cream. WE swear by Classic Desitin in the purple tube not the creamy desitin. And, we used nearly everything ever suggested from a $30 teeny tube of Rx diaper cream to stuff imported from England..and it was good ol' Classic Desitin that saved all my babies hineys.

sound machine (but not until they're a bit older; they don't need it as newborns b/c they sleep through anything).

sleep positioners (they're little wedges that you can place on the sides of the baby so that the baby can sleep on his side rather than on his back or tummy. My babies never slept well or long on their backs. B/c of their reflux, I never wanted to put them straight on their backs despite all the craziness here in this country at least about "back to sleep". Of course, before they have proper neck control, I didn't put them on the bellies, so the sleep positioners really helped b/c I could keep them propped on their sides. that seemed to do the trick until about 3 months when I flopped them on their bellies.

My comment's already a book. If I think of any other things, I'll email you. And, if there's anything you guys want that you can't get there, email me about it.

LiBassi Family said...

GET A SWADDLING BLANKET. I'm not talking about a blanket but a blanket type thing that is just made for swaddling. it looks like a "T" the feet go inside and two flaps velcrow over the chest to keep the arms down. Its awesome.

Oh, and get a basic, no bells and whistles bouncy seat. They are the best and the other stuff just ruins a good plain bouncy seat. I bounced Nate and Peter to sleep while cooking, eating dinner, watching tv, reading, even a support presentation! :)

Maureen from NH said...

Hi, I'm a stranger to you but stumbled across your blog and had to comment. I have two kids and the most useful tool I had was a pack of cloth diapers. No, not for use as diapers. I used them for burp cloths, to cover the stroller so the sun wouldn't hurt their eyes, to wipe their face, to lay down on a dirty spot so I could put the baby there, to wipe my own hands, extra blankie if needed....the uses go on and on....I still have some hanging around (my youngest turns 6 tomorrow) that are now being used as household rags. They're great! Congratulations on your baby, they are a joy beyond measure and my kudos to you and your husband for what you do.