Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Basket Weaving Extravaganza!

Our family and friends at Covenant Church in PA sent us a huge package for Christmas! A large part of the poundage of that package was basket weaving supplies! As I was singing for joy over such a treasure a couple of the ladies on our team asked if I could teach them how to make a basket. So the ladies on our team all got together one afternoon and had a basket weaving lesson.

Thank you Cindi Teti for the pattern for Pretzel Basket! There were 5 women and 2 girls who participated in the event. The 5 women tackled the Pretzel Basket and the 2 girls (Alison and Natalie Eide) made a Tea Bag Basket together. I was extremely impressed with outcome seeing as none of the ladies had ever made a basket before!

I marvel at the creativity that is inherent in each of us. It comes out so clearly in basket weaving (I'm sure in other things as well, but for now basket weaving is enough). 5 ladies were given the exact same supplies with the exact same instructions and 5 completely different baskets were created! One was square, from base to top, square, another square on the bottom and oval at the top, another square at the bottom and round at the top, another tightly woven bottom making the outcome much smaller, but still quite handy, and another made with a continuous weave (which made for it's own unique intricacies)!

I'm planning on posting pictures, but for some reason our blog has not been working to post pictures...
So if all else fails, I will post the pictures on Facebook.

Thank you to all who sent basket supplies! It was a wonderful day of fellowship and creativity. There is something very special about having a tangible thing to represent the love shown by others. Thank you!!!

With much love and gratitude,

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Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Wow Kristin, the girls went to town with weaving. Looks like you all had a great time.