Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome to Duluth

Well we've been here almost 2 weeks and everyday I think, "Maybe the snow will melt a little more today!"  And it seems like every OTHER day it snows a little bit more!  This past week was no exception.  It's hard to say exactly how much snow blustered in over the past two days.  There were very high winds which made all the snow drift into huge piles.  Logan loves it!  Me, not so much!  But I did get my exercise this morning shoveling the van out and clearing the side walks.  Luckily they know how to do it right here and there were no less than 3 snowplows circling around our neighborhood clearing the snow out of the road as fast as I could throw it there!  I'm so glad this was a Spring storm, the snow is already melting, it's still blowing all over the place, but it's melting, and that makes me smile!  So here's to Spring coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Love it! So fun to see them playing in the snow, though we miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

Logan and Noah look so happy in the snow. Thanks for sharing the pics. - Jackie