Friday, April 26, 2013

Something New!

Among other things this week I learned a new way to crochet!  It's called Tunisian Crochet and it is excellent for making dish cloths.  I'm about half way through my first dish cloth, pictures to come when it's done.

Noah has conquered the art of climbing the stairs, now on to descending the stairs!

The weather has finally made a turn for the better.  Today we actually saw at least 60 degrees in the sun.  The boys and I are LOVING the warmer temperatures.  They are still dressed up in snow pants and boots because of the 3 feet of snow in our back yard, but the hats and coats are no longer necessary!!  Poor Noah gets completely soaked crawling around, but he loves it non-the-less!

We are looking forward to a sunny, warm Saturday tomorrow!  Thank you Jesus!


Jeannette (nathan's sister :) said...

Yay, spring! Yay Noah climbing stairs! Also, I think you should start reading Laura Ingalls Wilder in your free time... since all this snow in MN makes me think you're a pioneer woman. :-)

Kristen said...

Haha! Great idea Jeannette! Thanks! I think I shall.