Friday, January 23, 2009

Language Training

So we've been studying language acquisition for the last few days. It's been lots of fun!! We are learning all about how we speak and all the different sounds we can make. Mrs. Craig is our teacher and she has a few phrases that we've been learning. Things like "you can't learn French with an English mouth" etc. Probably the most valuable part of the course, at least so far, has been the exercises we've done with different language helpers. Today, in my group we did some exercises to learn Korean. In about 2 hours I probably learned almost 50 Korean words.

In other news, tomorrow we are taking a train to Bruges since we have a free day. Bruges is reportedly the best preserved medieval city in Europe. Should be fun!!

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relentlessgrace said...

You guys have been in my thoughts a lot recently. I am praying for you and your ministry.