Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some pics from Brugge

Kristen and I outside an old Belgian monastery which is still active

Some buildings surrounding the Markt (the main square in the city)

Belgian Waffle. Get in my belly!!

There are canals that run all throughout the city. cool huh!!

This is a place called 'the Burg' with the belfry tower in the background. For 8 EU you can go up into the tower. There was kind of a long line so we nixed that.


Sharon Maiolie said...

What great pictures. As a home school mom I am extremely jealous!!
Keeping you both in prayer!

Garrett and Kristen Clemmer said...

Thanks!. It's been such a blessing to see these places. It's a gift from God. Thanks for your prayers!

Barbaranne said...

Yes, I'm sure it was the 8 Euros that prevented you from climbing all those steps! So how are you liking the cobblestones? I wanted to trade my feet in! Beautiful shots- great memories!