Saturday, January 17, 2009

Off to Church Tomorrow

Kristen and I are part of the group which will be working with a Persian Church in Brussels ministering to Iranian immigrants in the city. Yesterday we met with the Pastor of the Church (a Westminster grad by the way) to talk about the Church and how we can help them and learn from them throughout the next month. He introduced us to Persian/Iranian culture. He taught us a few things about how to greet the people, some basic Farsi words such as hello, How are you, etc., and some things to keep in mind as we interact with them and worship with them on Sunday.

The Church service begins at 2 in the afternoon and usually lasts for about 2 hours followed by a meal afterward. We hear that the meal is usually a traditional Persian meal which I can't wait to experience! About 30-35 people attend each Sunday.

The Pastor said that we will probably be served by the Church more than we can serve the Church. But, he said perhaps the most important thing we could do throughout the next month for their Church is to pray for the individual people we develop relationships with and to be faithful examples of mature Christians. So, please pray that we could love our Iranian brothers and sisters as we worship and fellowship with them throughout the next month.

I am really really looking forward to meeting them and praising our great God together tomorrow!!


Briana Almengor said...

What a privilege. I know there are challenges you are or will be facing doing cross cultural ministry, but how exciting, too, and so eye opening. I love living vicariously through the blog updates. keep 'em coming. I want to get a map for the kids so they can see exactly where you are in relation to where we are and read these updates to them as we pray for you.
LA's sister is leaving for India next week, too, for a medical missions trip w/ Sovereign Grace. So, what great opportunities God's given us to impart a heart for the world to our children w/ their aunties and uncle overseas doing missions work! :)

Barbaranne said...

How Cool! A Persian church! So how was the food???