Monday, January 19, 2009

We need the Gospel!!

John Leonard taught us this morning about Evangelism. It was delightful, motivating, and encouraging. We had great fellowship with him in hearing many stories from his years of ministry and his experiences in "doing" evangelism. One thing that stuck out was this quote,
As Christians we should disciple our non-believing friends and evangelize our believing brothers and sisters

In the afternoon I went into Brussels to do one of the assignments we've been given called an ethnographic observation. So I spent about two hours observing the the people in the train station to learn more about Belgians. I was able to observe how they act, dress, what they drink at the cafe, who they are, etc. It was a good time. Really!!

Ok, well I need to go to bed as I was up way too late last night watching the Eagles game at the local Irish pub in town. There are a couple other guys from the Philly area so it was fun to hang out with them for the evening. Au revoir!!


Briana Almengor said...

When you're not so sleepy, would you expand on that quote you mentioned? I'd love to hear more context for it.
And, that exercise, "ethnographic observation" does sound right up your ally. :)
I may be the only one who comments, but I'm sure there are others with me when I say I love hearing from you guys about what your life is looking like over there.

Leah said...

heeeeyyy!!! it is so odd because this morning my boss was telling me about some story that involved the fact that one of our faculty members, John Leonard, was heading to Brussels... and I sort of wondered what he was doing... until I came in here and opened up your blog!

Hope you guys are doing well. keep up the blog posts! it is great to have some details on how y'all are doing!

Julie said...

I agree. More on the quote, please! just sounds like everything you're doing with language acquisition and cultural studies is what I enjoy as well! So, keep up with the fun and encouraging blogs that are just so fun to read :) I'm praying for you!