Thursday, February 26, 2009

Apartment Update

So we finished putting together our bedroom and also bought a couch. Two of my friends came over and helped me bring the couch up to our apartment and put it together. The couch has a pull out bed so if you ever want to come visit us you'll have a place to stay and a bed to sleep on!


Leah said...

such a cute little home! i'll bet it's so very exciting to begin to really "live" there!

Sharon Lucas said...

I am especially glad to see your quilt! I love the LR furniture and can't wait to see it and sleep on the couch!

ColoradoColumbine said...

It looks so different from when we were there! :) :) :)

We look forward to seeing you all, if not here, then at the Area Retreat.

Thank you so MUCH for lending us your flat in Feb.