Wednesday, February 18, 2009

English, Glue, and Projects...

Last night we hosted the English Club at our house for the first time. Jon will be gone all of next week and so we'll be leading it for him while he's away. He thought it might be good to participate in one before actually having to do it! There were about 15 people and most of them spoke English pretty well. I had a blast getting to know some of them and needless to say am really looking forward to it next week. It was fun to meet some new people!

Today we spent a good part of the day looking for wood glue and then gluing some pieces of our furniture back together after busting them yesterday. Hopefully, it will hold!

Along with video blogging our furniture setup process we also are going to start a project where we'll travel all throughout the city and visit Orthodox Churches, museums, parks, monuments, etc. throughout the next few months. The goal is to get to know the city very well and learn as much about it as we can. So, we'll keep ya posted and include interesting photos, facts, and experiences. Poka poka!

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