Friday, February 20, 2009

A New Piece of Furniture!

The last piece of furniture for a couple of days! We are excited to be completing our bedroom set.


Briana Almengor said...

LOL. Loved hearing you speak Russian. It's Russian you're speaking, right? Or does the Ukraine have its own language? Don't hate me b/c I'm stupid. :)
LOVE the videos. Keep 'em coming as you have time. IT's great to see/hear you guys. Thank God for technology that can keep us close.

Garrett and Kristen Clemmer said...

You're not stupid and we could never hate you! Yes, we are speaking Russian and yes, Ukraine does have it's own language (Ukrainian!)
I'm glad you like the videos! We love doing them!

Heather of Troy said...

Kristen, I love hearing your voice. It just brings back such happy memories for me. I CANNOT BELIEVE you are back there. I praise the Lord that he gave you Garrett and that you can be on this adventure together.

By they way, in my limited knowledge, I say that Garret has a REALLY GOOD Russian accent. He sounds totally legit to me. It was also encouraging that I could understand EVERYTHING you said! WooHoo!

love you, praying for you, and blessings on your schkoff.