Friday, February 13, 2009

Ok, so while in Brussels about 2 weeks ago a bunch of us decided to rent a van and drive to Paris on our day off. So, yeah it was a great trip despite the rain. It took us about 5 hours to get into the center of the city from Brussels. We spent about 8 hours in Paris and then drove back to Brussels. Definitely a fun experience driving in Europe, especially in a 1980's Ford van that could do max 100 km/hr and only 80 up a hill. It was fun to watch all the BMW's and Peugeot's zing past us doing 140! We got the see Notre Dame, Eiffel tower, arc de triomph, and walked down the Champs de Elysees to the Louvres. All in all not a bad day! Here are some photos.

Notre Dame

Mass beginning at Notre Dame

Eiffel Tower

The gang

Napoleon's Arch

The Louvres

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